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Revisit Your Business Plan | OneSource Business Solutions LLC
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Why You Should Revisit Your Business Plan


Running a business requires a lot of skill and planning. So, it should come as no surprise that a solid business plan is the foundation of your money-making efforts. However, is it enough to craft a masterful business plan and never bother with it again? The reality is quite the opposite. Here are some reasons why you should revisit your business plan regularly!


The desires of customers shift

The first potential reason to change your business plan is if you notice a shift in the desires of your customers. Whether you are running a business that offers goods or services, this can happen to you. In the end, the market can be fickle. Today, customers may adamantly prefer one brand or type of service, while tomorrow, they will rapidly lose all appeal. The good news is that if you are doing market research, you can usually notice such shifts on time. This would give you enough time to react and tailor your business plan accordingly without losing too much of your profit margins. 


Demand changes

Slightly similar to the previous point but much more prominent in scale and potential underlying reason are the changes in demand. Now, everyone understands the concept of demand. It is even numbered among the most critical questions for family businesses due to how important keeping an eye on it is. However, significant shifts in demand can seriously alter your business plan if you deal with the products or services subject to those shifts, especially if there is a shortage. We can see the results of such changes right now. The lack of baby formula has sent a lot of parents into a panic. And the fear of potential gas shortages had allowed its price to soar, forcing customers to purchase it despite complaints.

Discussing demand

Circumstances can take you by surprise

Another reason to revisit your business plan is significant changes in circumstance. We’ve had examples of this several times recently. The first was the sudden collapse of logistics networks caused by Covid. Suddenly, it was nearly impossible to have anything shipped, especially from abroad. Even in the U.S., shipping is still somewhat disrupted. The damage caused by this forced many people to shift their business plans around to keep themselves afloat. Unfortunately, you cannot plan for such things in any way, shape, or form. If it is just an issue within the state you are doing business in, there is a solution. You can opt to move your business to another state to have a fresh start. Yes, it may cause some losses, but it is still recoverable. But if it’s a global problem you’re facing, you can only wait it out.


New laws are made, and old changed

A good reason to keep an eye on business news is potential law changes. Now, we must first state that this does not happen too often. At least not on a scale that would seriously impact your business and make you scrap your current plans entirely. However, minor changes still occasionally require that you make changes to your business plan. A good example would be the shifts in taxes or tariffs. Since they affect the profitability of ventures, you may need to change up your plans if you want to keep your profit margins within what they were. Or, if they are suddenly lower, you may want to expand the scale of your business to take advantage of them.


Your business plan may not be performing well

Of course, an excellent reason to modify your business plan is if it is not performing as well as you thought it would. The experts from recommend trying a different approach if you notice your results flagging. This can happen for any number of reasons. You may need to adjust your marketing strategy better or shuffle around your employees. It may even be the fault of wrong demand forecasting. Or you need to provide better incentives to your employees to bring out their productivity. Whatever the case, it necessitates going back to the drawing board and accounting for what’s making trouble.


You’re trying to change your target audience

Sometimes, you have to revisit your business plan because you want to make a major shift in how you do business. This is most often due to a desire to change your target audience. In simple terms, you want to expand the potential demographics interested in your products and services or change who your business targets as the primary source of income entirely. This might be particularly necessary if you made assumptions about who would like your products, only to find that the audience you had planned does not have as much interest as you’d thought.

Audience written on a whiteboard

You may be ready to expand

The best possible reason to rethink your business plan is if you are trying to expand! Now, there are advantages and disadvantages of expanding a business. However, if you are ready to attempt it at all, it’s a good sign your business is booming. Still, with expansion, changes to your business model, long-term goals, and a whole slew of other details come. This means that no matter how good and detailed your previous business plan was, it will no longer be enough. With the scope of your business expanding, you need to account for many new things. And since any changes to a single aspect of your business necessitate a lot of fine-tuning of your entire business scheme, it is no wonder that an expansion would practically require building up your business plan from scratch.

A business meeting

Final word

Now that you are familiar with why you should revisit your business plan, you should be able to get to it on time. Just remember that any changes in your business likely require a quick response!

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. You should not act or refrain from acting based on any information contained herein without seeking the advice of an attorney.