Advantages to buying a Healthy business:


Immediate cash flow with substantial income for years to come

Retention of a trained staff to support the new owner

Established suppliers

Established customer base with years of buying history

Licenses, patents, permits, etc. in-place

Training from sellers to help ensure your success with your new venture


Steps to buying a business:

  1. Evaluate what type of business you want – Services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, etc.
  2. Meet seller to understand the culture, operations, etc.
  3. Create a cash flow calculation to ensure that the business can provide payback to you
  4. Conduct a preliminary evaluation of the business to make a fair offer
  5. Conduct due diligence to confirm the validity of the offer
  6. If external funding is necessary, begin working with lenders
  7. Prepare documents for closing with business broker and attorney