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Our Services | OneSource Business Solutions LLC | Lancaster, PA
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Our Core Services

Business Brokerage: The choice to sell your business is a big decision.

We Will Be There For You

Finding the right buyer can be a daunting task to do yourself.  As brokers, we act as delegates between buyers and sellers of businesses. We can help you find serious buyers with sufficient financial resources who are well-suited to run a company like yours. We will also ensure the news of your sale remains confidential. From evaluating to selling, we will be with you every step of the way.

For Any Business

One Source Business Solutions works with organizations of all sizes. Small businesses have much different needs than big corporations. We will adjust the process of brokering a sale accordingly and cater to your specific goals.

How we sell your business:

  • Gather all company information and documents necessary for the sale
  • Assist in establishing the value 
  • Prepare a professional document to market your business
  • List your business for sale
  • Qualify and list potential buyers
  • Facilitate negotiations between buyer and seller
  • Deliver professional, confidential transactions necessary to complete the sale
  • Prepare buyer and seller for the closing of the sale

Selling a business is not as cut-and-dry as simply selling a piece of real estate. Putting your business up for sale is time-consuming and requires a lot of legal considerations. This process is one that can take years in order to yield the most rewards for the seller. One Source Business Solutions LLC offers a comprehensive service that includes broker, accountant, and attorney assistance to ensure that the entire process goes without a hitch.

Business Valuation: A Good Business Appraisal is More Than Numbers.


You have spent an incredible amount of time and effort building your business. While it can be tough to quantify all that work, a proper business valuation can be extremely helpful in making decisions concerning the future of your company. We will provide you with an accurate idea of how much your business is worth and help facilitate a sale if you decide that you are ready to move on.

Our team can handle valuations of all sizes. From companies worth less than $100,000 to multimillion dollar listings, OneSource has experience with businesses near Lancaster across dozens of industries. If you are curious about how much your business is worth, we would love to meet with you and help get the process started. Click the “Learn More” button for more information about business valuations and be sure to fill out our contact form!


Business Consulting: Together we can envision, inspire and transform your business.

We are dedicated to establishing development programs that will be of value to you. Our Business Consulting and Development Program is designed specifically to help you achieve improvements in every area of your business.

Areas of Consulting:

  • Increasing the value of your business
  • Improving sales and profits
  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Creating an attainable list of goals
  • Monitoring the progress to manage success

Our program addresses the most common frustrations faced by owners. We can help with any questions regarding your organization including:

  • How can I better control my operating costs and run my business more efficiently?
  • I would like to expand my business… where do I begin?
  • How do I obtain the experience of a hands-on senior financial professional without hiring a full-time controller?
  • How do I acquire more capital for my company?
  • How long can I operate without a business plan in place?
  • Is my business allowing me to achieve my lifestyle preference and income requirements?
  • Am I controlling my business or is it controlling me?

Business Coaching: Reach Your Potential

At OneSource Business Solutions LLC, a business coach works with you systematically to answer the questions that lead to business success and helps you put your solutions into practice. Our one-on-one conversations are all about accelerating your progress towards these goals in a “two heads are better than one” way.  Whether you are starting at a position of strength or weakness, business success is…

… hundreds of questions:



…and hundreds of answers:

shared with your stakeholders

tested in practice

then answered better

…and dozens of strategies/tactics:

put into practice

then questioned again when your business or circumstances change.

Business success is smart thinking, hard work, and results.

Succession Planning: Business succession/exit planning provides a means to achieving your business and personal goals.

Also known as replacement planning, it is essential for any business or organization. Having a disciplined approach to transferring leadership or management is crucial in keeping the organization going strong. However, finding the right people or solution can be a challenge.

We know you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

Whether you are considering selling your business at retirement, passing it down to a relative, or just unsure of how to start planning for your organization’s succession…we have the tools and expertise to help you throughout the entire process. Rest assured that our professionals will take all the necessary measures to help you map out your plan or aid in your business brokerage.

Human Resource Advisory: The Human Resource help you need, when you need it

Your employees are your greatest asset. Your company’s continued success and growth depends on your ability to attract, motivate, and retain quality employees.  Small businesses and startups that do not have an internal human resources department benefit greatly from bringing in outside HR business consultants for many reasons.

  • Developing job descriptions.
  • Preparing employee handbooks.
  • Supplying employee application and evaluation forms.
  • Setting up and maintaining personnel files.
  • Advising on policies, procedures, practices, and compensation issues.
  • Keeping you informed of the constantly changing federal and state employment laws and ensuring compliance.


Small business owners can’t waste valuable time sifting through piles of applicants when the truth is that many are simply not the right fit. Our HR advisors can come in and show you recruitment strategies and expertise to build your ideal employee pool. While some consultants do not actually evaluate candidates, One Source Business Solutions can create applications that work and filter through applicants so that your time is only spent with the highest quality applicants. This will ultimately save your company time and lower your cost-per-hire. That’s something you can take to the bank.


Got a sticky employee situation that you really don’t feel comfortable dealing with yourself? Hiring an outside HR consultant trained in peaceful and professional workplace disputes can resolve issues tactfully and lawfully. This not only prevents the headache and hassle, but also is a proactive measure against employee dissatisfaction or risks of liability.

Strategy & Expertise

Hiring an HR advisor can help develop the overall flow and structure of your business. They will be able to evaluate your HR functions to ultimately create smooth day-to-day operations with tactical functions. When these tasks get placed in the capable hands of an HR consultant, small-business owners save valuable time and energy that they can use to continue growing their business in other ways.