Sell Your Business

At One Source Business Solutions, we understand that you have committed considerable time and resources to build your business

What are the advantages of selling your business through us? 

Our business network and experiences are wide and deep.  We handle companies in any industry who are looking to exit.  Our typical size company that we broker with is a business that is valued between $500,000 and $1.5 million. We specialize in working with small to medium sized family-owned “Main Street” businesses.


Why Choose One Source Business Solutions

We offer minimal upfront fees.
A reasonable retainer is required and ensures that we can immediately begin marketing your business.  The fee is credited to the seller upon completion of the sale.

We have extensive marketing experience.

Website – We advertise your business on our website as well as Bizbuysell,

PBBA (Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association), Bizquest and Business

Mail – Direct mail campaigns are set up to target like or ancillary type businesses.

Email – We utilize our vast network of businesses to share the listing.

Outbound Calling – We use follow-up phone call campaigns to provide optimum coverage of the Direct Mail and emails.

Our process for selling your business:


    • Determine the need for the sale and ensure that it is the correct decision
    • Perform a professional business valuation
    • Discuss any tax implications with your accountant
    • Enter into the listing agreement
    • Create a sales prospectus to highlight the business as well as a general marketing piece and introduction letter
    • Create on-line brokerage listings based on  business type
    • Create and contact targeted prospects: Related and comparable industries
    • Work with qualified prospects taking as active a role as the seller desires
    • Negotiate with buyer to the best advantage of the seller to sign the sales agreement
    • Assist with financing as needed
    • Work with both sides as we complete due diligence
    • Complete the closing process
    • Post-sale follow-up

If you are in the beginning stages of making the decision to sell your business you will want to download our 13 page PDF. The guide can help you think through the steps and stages of the process.