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Pump Distributor | OneSource Business Solutions LLC
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Pump Distributor

Offered at $325,000.00 (SOLD & SETTLED)

This Company is a liquid pump distributor that started in Lancaster City in 1908; before the start of WW I. Over the years, the Business grew to be know for the variety of its product lines as well as its excellent customer service. It deals almost exclusively with commercial customers, gradually growing to be one of the best-known distributors of fluid pumps in the area representing 35 individual product lines. It also has a top-notch repair shop when things need a bit of a patch-up. The technician has been with the Company quite a few years and is familiar with all of the lines. Through all of the changes, the original mission statement created 113 years ago by its founder has not changed, “quality and service not sacrificed for profit.”

It sells all types of liquid propulsion pumps from the small and simple to the large and complex. Almost all manufacturing processes uses pumps in production and, like all other things, they wear out. The Company is there to assist with the replacement of these and has grown its customer base by not only providing virtually any type of pump that is needed through its network distributors but also through great customer service. It serves many larger customers who want to buy locally and appreciate being able to count on them to have the right answers and be able to sell them exactly what they need to keep the production lines running with little down-time.

The Company has the benefit of being in perhaps the biggest snack food production area of the Country. This being the case, this industry widely is served by the Company selling to many of the local producers of sweet and salty treats but it also sells to the other major manufacturers in south eastern Pennsylvania and beyond. If the production involves moving a fluid, the Company has a product for it.

The Company is profitable with good cash flow, has a great customer base, and a strong network of distributors from which it buys. The basics are already in-place, it now needs a visionary to move it into the next century.

Gross Revenue: $1,027,000
FF&E: $20,000

Detailed Information

  • Location: Lancaster, PA
  • Inventory: Not included in the asking price
  • Employees: 2
  • Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E): Included in the asking price
  • Facilities: The Company leases a small facility in East Lampeter Township where it houses its office and shop space. There is virtually no customer traffic to this location and it could be moved almost anywhere in Lancaster County or even out of the area.
  • Competition: The competition for pump distributorships are average; but, the Company has a bit of a leg-up be having a strong foothold in the local snack food manufacturing industry and well as the length of time that is been serving its customer. It needs a fresh set of “legs” to make a good Company into a great Company.
  • Growth & Expansion: There is a lot of room for expansion. There has been no outside sales for a number of years with no customer outreach. The Business has a good, solid name in the community but that message it not being touted. Additionally, the Seller has taken on too much of the day-to-day operation of the Business. Hiring a clerk or office manager would great free-up the Owners time to focus on working on things to grow the Business.
  • Support & Training: A lot of institutional and industry knowledge is held by the Seller; however, She is will to work with the buyer for as long as possible to ensure a successful transition. It will be relatively easy for someone to step-in and operate the Business.
  • Reason for Selling: The Seller is retiring.

If you are in the beginning stages of making the decision to sell your business you will want to download our 13 page PDF. The guide can help you think through the steps and stages of the process.