Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners

While we all want to be optimistic when we start any business venture, it is just as important to be aware of the possible future outcomes.

Filling in the Gaps- Revisit your Business Plan

Business Plan We know it is true … a good business plan is built with sustainable flexibility. Companies that adhere to their inherent flexibility are the ones that sustain in the long run.

What Is Your Legacy?

Legacy in Business All good things must come to an end – including your reign as a small business owner! Eventually you will have to make some choices about the future of your company.


Why Lancaster, PA is Such a Powerhouse for Growing Businesses

Lancaster County has always been known for it’s traditional Amish community and rich history dating back to the Penn’s Wood Charter of William Penn back in 1681.


When is it Time to Hire a Consultant for Your Business?

For entrepreneurs, the ultimate goal is always the bottom line (whether they like to admit it or not.)

Overcoming the Most Common Small Business Challenges

Running a business is hard work. Maybe that’s why only one-third of small businesses stay open over ten years, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA.) For the one-third that do last their first decade, they learn to overcome even the most burdensome challenges.

Hiring an Outside HR Consultant: The Good & the Bad

The most essential part of any organization is it’s people. After all, no matter how great a ship’s captain is, the ship isn’t going to set sail with out a skilled crew.  So if you want to make your business’s voyage a success, you certainly don’t want those valued people “jumping ship.” People are your brand’s key to success. That’s why human resources are a crucial element for your company.

Why You Need a Business Valuation, Even if You’re Not Selling.

Some business owners seem to think that the only reason you should get a business valuation is so you can sell or pass your business off to a successor.

5 Surprising Tips Savvy Small Business Owners Swear By

When it comes to running a successful small or medium-sized business, entrepreneurs are always in search of some magic formula to securing a greater cash flow, getting their team motivated and for having overall smooth sails.  Unfortunately, each business is different and there’s no standard rules to guarantee success on such a broad level. However, there are some general rules that successful business owners swear by.