7 Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make


Starting a business has always been very easy, and today’s business climate is making it even easier. But it’s a fact that most small businesses don’t survive a full year of working. This is due to a lot of factors such as competition and the local market; however, there is a much more common culprit when it comes to shutting down small businesses—inexperience. New business owners tend to make the same mistakes that end up costing them their business. In order to help you avoid this, we have put together a list of 7 common mistakes small business owners make, and we hope it helps you find success.

1. Ignoring change and education

Today’s world is defined by rapid change, both when it comes to trends and technology. Keeping up with these changes and innovations is vital to keeping your business successful in the long run. Remember, you should never stop learning, and always keep an eye out for new things. Invest money into improving yourself and your employees, and you will see an immediate return on your investment. Additionally, instead of settling for “functional” with the software you use for your business, take the time to learn its ins and outs. These programs usually have a lot of time-saving options if you take the time to find them. Also, understanding cash flow is vital to running a business, and while this doesn’t change much, you should learn it immediately if you’re new to the business scene.

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2. Taking your customers for granted

In today’s world, customers have more options than they’ve ever had to find services. If you don’t take care of your customers, they’ll go somewhere else to get what they need. Showing appreciation to your customers is vital for making sure this doesn’t happen. Having a special appreciation day or holding a reception are great ways to do this. Additionally, make sure that your customer support is quick and effective. Problems will happen, and making sure they are solved as quickly as possible is what matters in the long run.

3. Neglecting marketing

Among the mistakes small business owners make, the deadliest is ignoring the importance of marketing. After all, you can get customers if your name doesn’t get out. Customers can easily find information on services they need online in today’s world. So, if you neglect marketing your own business as much as you can, you will fall behind and eventually lose your business. You need to dedicate some amount of time and resources to marketing every month. However, by growing your business, you will eventually need to move into a bigger office. Experts from Royal Moving Company warn that moving office can take quite a bit of time, and you should plan carefully. Also, remember to change all of your marketing to reflect your new location.

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4. Expanding too slowly or quickly

It’s a fact that figuring out how fast you should expand your business is difficult. If you expand too slowly, you’ll get overwhelmed with work and start losing money, expand too quickly, on the other hand, and you’ll start hemorrhaging money because you can’t pull in enough profit to pay for everything. So, recognizing when it’s time to expand is vital for the survival of your business. When you notice work is piling up, then it’s probably time for a bigger office and new employees. However, if a business is slow, you should instead invest in other things. However, you should always keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of expanding a business.

5. Trying to do too many things

Any small business might be tempted to try and appeal to a lot of different customer groups. However, you are much better off focusing your business on a specific audience than splitting your attention. Consider your service or product, figure out who benefits the most from it, and target the ideal audience for it. This way, you can focus all of your resources on improving the product or service you provide instead of splitting your attention between too many things. Additionally, suppose your business isn’t in the right location to target the ideal audience. In that case, these may be signs that it’s time to move to another state that better suits your needs. If you just can’t find the right location in your current state, moving elsewhere might be the right step.

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6. Failing to plan

Planning is vital to almost anything we do in life, and running a small business is no different. Without a detailed plan for running and marketing your business, you’re asking to fail. Additionally, you should keep in mind that plans tend to change. Whether it’s because of the local market or something else, you’ll occasionally have to change your plans. Therefore, you should revisit your business plan somewhat regularly to make sure it’s still effective.

7. Not asking for referrals

Another one of the common mistakes small business owners make is never asking for referrals. Reputation is something businesses live and die by, especially if your business deals in services. As such, having referrals from happy customers is vital to keeping your reputation clean. Also, when a customer looks at your website and sees a list of referrals from happy customers, they are much more likely to give your service a try. So, always try to ask for referrals and post them on your website.


Many mistakes can kill a small business, all in all. Fortunately, some of them are quite easy to avoid. In today’s world, starting a small business is quite easy, but keeping it afloat can be difficult, depending on the type of business. We hope this list of 7 common mistakes small business owners make helps you keep your business going, and we wish you a wonderful day.

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